Rome Private: The Colosseum and Forum (skip the lines)

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The arena of death! The Colosseum a monument so vast and imposing, so awe inspiring and iconic that it many ways it has come encapsulate the Roman Empire. A building which would take a mere 8 years to construct and yet would remain the biggest sporting arena in the world until 1914 (the Yale bowl would take the mantel at that point).

It may be over 1500 years since the last gladiator fights but this isn’t a problem for The Rogue Historians. We will take you back in time for a day at the games- blood, guts, gore and more.

After the Colosseum we head to the Roman Forum. A site evoking the names of great leaders and tyrannical despots, the Roman Forum is the backdrop to some of the most illustrious and murderous events in world history.

It was here that Tiberius Gracchus was clubbed to death by the chairs of furious senators. Here that Cicero exposed the Catiline conspiracy with a series of speeches that have been admired and deplored ever since. Here that the great Gaius Julius Caesar was cremated after his pivotal assassination, and here that so many other fateful moments which would go onto shape western history would take place. Most importantly it is here that the Rogue historians will cement your love for Roman history.

Duration: 3 hours including Roman Forum and Colosseum

Price is €270 for two adults with entry tickets and Skip the line access. Additonal places can be bought for children at €25 and adults at €35 (all prices include entry tickets and skip the line access)

Please Email or phone the office to confirm availability when booking less than 2 weeks in advance of your trip.


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