Rome Private: Capitoline Museums

From EUR 220

Meet the real ancient Romans and their gods in the oldest museums in the world: The Capitoline Museums.

Climb up Rome’s smallest, but most important of her seven hills and come face to face with the emperor Marcus Aurelius in Michelangelo’s breathtaking piazza Campidoglio, where the mighty temple to the god Jupiter once stood.

Since 1471, the palaces on this hill have been home to a collection of some of the most spectacular art ever left behind by the Romans.

Get off the beaten track and away from hustle and bustle of crowds at the Colosseum and the Vatican and let us take you on a journey back to Imperial Rome through a collection of art and archaeology that can easily rival that of city’s more famous sites. 

Meet Constantine, the man who legalised Christianity and changed the course of Western history. Or how about the the five good emperors? The men under whom Rome became the greatest empire in the world? 

As you wander through the beautifully frescoed Renaissance halls your expert guide will take on a journey from Rome’s founding up to the modern day as you mingle between statues of colossal gods and rare bronzes. 

You will see the precious bronze statues that formed the foundation of this collection over 500 years ago including the iconic symbol of Rome, the She-Wolf. As you wander deeper our guide will explain to you how one of the city’s only colossal bronze statues survived the sacks of Middle Ages. You can also discover the legendary resting place of Julius Caesars ashes and  find out just who the naughty statue of Venus might really be!  

Then you’ll descend deep into the belly of the hill and emerge at one of the highlights of the tour: a breathtaking secret view over the Roman forum!

As you continue meander you’ll pass  through halls of philosophers and emperors eager to tell you of Rome’s glorious past - her victories and defeats. You’ll even encounter one of her greatest enemies, The Dying Gaul. Finally you’ll descend from the palace and meet one of Rome’s legendary ‘Talking Statues’ and discover how Ancient Rome continues to talk to us even in the modern world. 


Duaration: 2.5 hours

Cost €220 for two people including tickets. Additional places can be bought at €15 for children and €25 for adults.

Please email or phone the office to check availability before booking.

From EUR 220

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  • Michelangelo’s piazza Campidoglio
  • Colossal Bronze of Marcus Aurelius
  • Capitoline She-Wolf
  • View over the Roman Forum
  • Venus
  • The Dying Gaul

And much more.




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