Lisbon: The Ultimate Tour

Our new adventure for 2017  ‘The Ultimate Tour of Lisbon’.   In the usual Rogue Historians style we’ll tell the story of Lisbon leaving all the juicy bits in. Discover Lisbon under Moorish occupation and its brutal reconquest, the senseless slaughter of the Inquisition, the suffering and rebuilding after Europe’s biggest ever earthquake in 1755 and Lisbon’s struggle to stay neutral during WWII which would lead to Lisbon becoming the spy capital of the world and inspiring Ian Flemming to write a spy novel about some guy called James Bond.    We will explore the oldest quarter of Lisbon, the Alfama; the home of Lisbon’s haunting music, Fado. Explore the outside of Castle St. George and learn why one square became know as the “Garden of Limp Dicks”.    Heading back down to the Baixa we will discover the horrors of the Inquisition, hear how Lisbon became the spy capital of Europe, see Portugal’s oldest cinema (now a porn/peep show) and try the famous cherry liquor - Ginjina.   We will finish in the literary heart of the city, the Chiado. After all that walking you will have no doubt have worked up an appetite. Well don’t worry we finish right next to the Mercado do Ribiero, one of the oldest markets in the city, renovated in 2015 to include a giant food hall representing the very best of traditional and modern Portuguese cuisine. With over 40 restaurants (4 by Michelin star chefs) and countless bars, there is something for every taste and every budget - a foodie paradise!   Meeting point: Metro entrance at Praça do Comércio.   Directions: Take the metro to Terreiro do Paço. There are numerous exits, look for ‘SAÍDA: PRAÇA DO COMÉRCIO’. Look for the guide with the Rogue Historians sign.

Belem-The age of discovery

A sunset stroll along the Tagus river punctuated by fascinating stories of conquest, Empire revolution and the world famous Pasteis de Belem- a perfect way to end your Lisbon adventure.   Lisbon without the sea is nothing. Penned in by their larger and more aggressive neighbours, the Spanish; in order to expand Portugal had no choice but to look towards the Atlantic. We will discuss how Lisbon created its three Empires (Asia, Africa, America). We will learn about Bartolomeo Dias, the first man to round the Cape of Good Hope; the famous/infamous Vasco de Gama; how Christopher Columbus was ghosted by the monarchs of Portugal, and much much more.    We will also explore the fascist dictatorship of Salazar (yes the Harry Potter character is named after him). Lisbon’s iconic April 25th bridge is inspired by the Golden Gate bridge and is definitely insta-worthy at any time of day . Then fast forward to the 21st Century and check out some of Europe’s most exciting urban art by great local graffiti artists like Vhils and Bordallo Segunda.    And what better way to finish a day than at the LX factory: an abandoned factory complex, it has been revived in recent years and is now home to artists, boutiques and some of the best bars, restaurants and music events in the city. Or if you like your guide will walk you up to Chimera Brew Pub, one of Lisbon’s best craft breweries hidden away in an 18th Century royal carriage tunnel in the authentic quarter of Alcântara. No €7 beers or wine here, just good old fashioned Lisbon away from the swarming crowds of tourists. NB: Last entry to the church and Monastery St. Jerome are at 5.30. If you wish to see the inside of these two sites we suggest heading down before the tour.       Meeting Point:   Large fountain in centre of Jardim da Praça Império. In front of the Monastery of St Jerome. Look for the guide with Rogue Historian sign.   Directions   Take the number 15 Tram from Praça do Comercio to the Monastery of St Jerome (Mosteiro dos Jeronimos”). In front of the monastery there is a large open park with a fountain in the centre. We meet on the steps on the far side of the fountain. You’ll recognise your guide as they will be holding a Rogue Historians sign. 

Private tours will becoming soon, but feel free to drop us an email or call us if you would like to book a private tour in Lisbon