Rome: The Ultimate Tour

The Ultimate Tour of Rome returns for another season! A veritable romp through Roman history. Starting at the Circus Maximus we rape, murder and pillage our way through over 2000 years of history before finishing at the Arena of Death – The Colosseum. In between, we will see the Mouth of Truth (and unveil its dirty past), the Jewish Ghetto, Largo Argentina (where we discuss everyone's favorite genocidal maniac -Julius Caesar), the Pantheon, Piazza Venezia (and Mussolini’s HQ), the Forum and Colosseum (Exterior only). The tour duration is three to three and a half hours at an easy pace. The group stops for some of Rome’s best best iced coffee in the damn world (not included in price). A truly scandalous tour, because you have to get down and dirty to truly understand Rome’s past.  Not for those of a sensitive disposition or the easily offended. If you intended on going into the Colosseum at the end of the tour please leave your rucksacks and large bags at home as they will not be permitted inside.   Click 'Book Now' for full schedule and availability. Meeting point details are confirmed upon booking.  Tour starts at 10:30 AM any bookings made less than 12 hours in advance must be confirmed with the office first.

Rome at Twilight

With the arrival of the Renaissance in Rome during the 1400‘s and the return of the Papal court, Rome is reborn. The aqueducts were to be rebuilt and their terminuses celebrated with grand sculptural groups and mesmerizing piazzas. Join us as we explore Renaissance and Baroque Rome. From the great palaces to the beautiful Baroque piazzas and fountains to the great rivalries of artists such as Bernini and Borromini, to lovestruck Popes, scandalous courtesans, and everything in between. Our journey begins at the Bernini’s Triton fountain in Piazza Barberini, before we head to the Spanish steps and then onto the most famous fountain in the world – The Trevi fountain, whose history spans back all the way to Augustus and his right-hand man Agrippa. After throwing your coins into the fountain to ensure your safe return we head on past a number of beautiful sites, including; Piazza Navona, Campo di Fiori, Trastevere and much more… Click 'Book Now' to check schedule and availability. Meeting point: Metro A Barberini @ 6.30pm on selected days (full details given on booking). Check calendar for schedule availability Duration: 2Hours Price: €16  

As we are unable to take cash payments all tours must be booked online in advance.