Don't see the exact tour your looking for? Don't worry drop us an email and we will create a fully customised tour just for you. Want to explore the Jewish history of Rome, explore the up and coming graffiti scene or have a guide take you round the best markets and best Gelato in Rome then the Rogues have you covered.

Rome Group: The Ultimate Tour

The Ultimate Tour of Rome returns for another season! A veritable romp through Roman history. Starting at the Circus Maximus we rape, murder and pillage our way through over 2000 years of history before finishing at the Arena of Death – The Colosseum. In between, we will see the Mouth of Truth (and unveil its dirty past), the Jewish Ghetto, Largo Argentina (where we discuss everyone's favorite genocidal maniac -Julius Caesar), the Pantheon, Piazza Venezia (and Mussolini’s HQ), the Forum and Colosseum (Exterior only). The tour duration is three to three and a half hours at an easy pace. The group stops for some of Rome’s best best iced coffee in the damn world (not included in price). A truly scandalous tour, because you have to get down and dirty to truly understand Rome’s past.  Not for those of a sensitive disposition or the easily offended. If you intended on going into the Colosseum at the end of the tour please leave your rucksacks and large bags at home as they will not be permitted inside.   Click 'Book Now' for full schedule and availability. Meeting point details are confirmed upon booking.  Tour starts at 10:30 AM any bookings made less than 12 hours in advance must be confirmed with the office first.

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Rome Group: Twilight Tour

With the arrival of the Renaissance in Rome during the 1400‘s and the return of the Papal court, Rome is reborn. The aqueducts were to be rebuilt and their terminuses celebrated with grand sculptural groups and mesmerizing piazzas. Join us as we explore Renaissance and Baroque Rome. From the great palaces to the beautiful Baroque piazzas and fountains to the great rivalries of artists such as Bernini and Borromini, to lovestruck Popes, scandalous courtesans, and everything in between. Our journey begins at the Bernini’s Triton fountain in Piazza Barberini, before we head to the Spanish steps and then onto the most famous fountain in the world – The Trevi fountain, whose history spans back all the way to Augustus and his right-hand man Agrippa. After throwing your coins into the fountain to ensure your safe return we head on past a number of beautiful sites, including; Piazza Navona, Campo di Fiori, Trastevere and much more… Click 'Book Now' to check schedule and availability. Meeting point: Metro A Barberini @ 6.30pm on selected days (full details given on booking). Check calendar for schedule availability Duration: 2Hours Price: €16  

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Rome Private: The Colosseum and Forum (skip the lines)

  The arena of death! The Colosseum a monument so vast and imposing, so awe inspiring and iconic that it many ways it has come encapsulate the Roman Empire. A building which would take a mere 8 years to construct and yet would remain the biggest sporting arena in the world until 1914 (the Yale bowl would take the mantel at that point). It may be over 1500 years since the last gladiator fights but this isn’t a problem for The Rogue Historians. We will take you back in time for a day at the games- blood, guts, gore and more. After the Colosseum we head to the Roman Forum. A site evoking the names of great leaders and tyrannical despots, the Roman Forum is the backdrop to some of the most illustrious and murderous events in world history. It was here that Tiberius Gracchus was clubbed to death by the chairs of furious senators. Here that Cicero exposed the Catiline conspiracy with a series of speeches that have been admired and deplored ever since. Here that the great Gaius Julius Caesar was cremated after his pivotal assassination, and here that so many other fateful moments which would go onto shape western history would take place. Most importantly it is here that the Rogue historians will cement your love for Roman history. Duration: 3 hours including Roman Forum and Colosseum Price is €270 for two adults with entry tickets and Skip the line access. Additonal places can be bought for children at €25 and adults at €35 (all prices include entry tickets and skip the line access) Please Email or phone the office to confirm availability when booking less than 2 weeks in advance of your trip.  

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Rome Private: Vatican VIP (Skip the lines)

Rome the eternal city has been the centre of western European civilisation for over two thousand years – first as the centre of the Roman Empire and then because it became the centre of the papacy and Christian Church. The Vatican may be the smallest country on Earth, however it boasts one of the largest collections of art in the world, sprawling to a total of 14km over 2,000 rooms. It can be a daunting prospect to explore this mammoth collection by yourself – which spans the centuries all the way from the earliest days of ancient Rome right up to the modern papacy. The christian church in rome has seen the rise and fall of the Roman empire, the dawning of the dark-ages, schisms and countless reformations of the church, it has seen the greatest artists of periods such as the rennaissance and baroque mould its churches, it has seen the rise and fall of great superpowers such as Imperial Britain and the Modern United States, and in the last hundred years has witnessed countless wars and the rise and fall of communism. Throughout all the this the Catholic Church has remained a prominent figure and has played a pivotal role in the formulation of Western society. So why not allow us at Rome(ing) tours to help you to navigate this breathtaking collection and bring these two thousand years of history life for you. Visit some of the iconic pieces of ancient sculpture that inspired the Renaissance masters such as Michelangelo and Raphael and then marvel at their masterpieces. But also be prepared for scandal and political intrigue as our guides tell you the stories behind some of these great works of art and the men who created them. You will of course visit the Sistine chapel, one of Michelangelo’s greatest achievements, a place that never fails to inspire, awe and humble. Then on to St Peter’s Basilica, the largest church in the world and centre of Catholicism today – a building that is a testament to both the late Renaissance the Baroque, awash with works of Bramante, Michelangelo and Bernini, and where the tomb of St. Peter lies beneath the altar… Duration:3.5 Hours Cost: €350 for two people including entry fees and skip the line access. Additional adults cost €35 and Children €25. All prices include tickets and skip the line access. Please email or call the office to check availability before booking.

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Rome Private: City Centre Walking Tour

With the arrival of the rennaisance in Rome during the 1400‘s and the return of the Papal court, Rome reborn. The aqueducts were to be rebuilt and their terminuses celebrated with grand sculptural groups and mesmerizing piazzas. Join us as we explore renaissance and baroque Rome, from the great Palazzos of the families of Rome to the beautiful baroque piazzas and fountains. From the great rivalries artists such and Bernini and Borromini to the Inquisition and trials of great scientific figures such as Galileo and Bruno. Starting at the spanish steps we will discuss who and what make these the most famous stairs in the world. Join us as we transport you back to a time when Casanova would meander round this area wooing the multitude of visitors to this site, and then onto the Grand tourists who would swarm into this are for its cheap accommodation and soft water (just the thing for a good cup of english tea). Then onto the most famous fountain in the world, The Trevi, whose history spans back all the way to Augustus and his right hand man Agrippa. After throwing your coins into the fountain to ensure your safe return we head on past a number of beautiful sites, including; Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, Campo di fiori, and many more… Duaration: 3 Hours Price is €230 for the first 2people. Additional places can be purchased at €15 for adults and €10 for children. Please Email or phone the office to confirm availability when booking less than 2 weeks in advance of your trip.

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Rome Private: Capitoline Museums

Meet the real ancient Romans and their gods in the oldest museums in the world: The Capitoline Museums. Climb up Rome’s smallest, but most important of her seven hills and come face to face with the emperor Marcus Aurelius in Michelangelo’s breathtaking piazza Campidoglio, where the mighty temple to the god Jupiter once stood. Since 1471, the palaces on this hill have been home to a collection of some of the most spectacular art ever left behind by the Romans. Get off the beaten track and away from hustle and bustle of crowds at the Colosseum and the Vatican and let us take you on a journey back to Imperial Rome through a collection of art and archaeology that can easily rival that of city’s more famous sites.  Meet Constantine, the man who legalised Christianity and changed the course of Western history. Or how about the the five good emperors? The men under whom Rome became the greatest empire in the world?  As you wander through the beautifully frescoed Renaissance halls your expert guide will take on a journey from Rome’s founding up to the modern day as you mingle between statues of colossal gods and rare bronzes.  You will see the precious bronze statues that formed the foundation of this collection over 500 years ago including the iconic symbol of Rome, the She-Wolf. As you wander deeper our guide will explain to you how one of the city’s only colossal bronze statues survived the sacks of Middle Ages. You can also discover the legendary resting place of Julius Caesars ashes and  find out just who the naughty statue of Venus might really be!   Then you’ll descend deep into the belly of the hill and emerge at one of the highlights of the tour: a breathtaking secret view over the Roman forum! As you continue meander you’ll pass  through halls of philosophers and emperors eager to tell you of Rome’s glorious past - her victories and defeats. You’ll even encounter one of her greatest enemies, The Dying Gaul. Finally you’ll descend from the palace and meet one of Rome’s legendary ‘Talking Statues’ and discover how Ancient Rome continues to talk to us even in the modern world.    Duaration: 2.5 hours Cost €220 for two people including tickets. Additional places can be bought at €15 for children and €25 for adults. Please email or phone the office to check availability before booking.

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Rome Private: Borghese Gallery

Join us as we enter the world of Cardinal Scipione Borghese, the 17th century art loving cleric who amassed one of the world’s most spectacular private art collections which is still intact after nearly 400 years! Cardinal Borghese was a keen collector and patron of the arts. He was so passionate about collecting art that he but a villa to house his bulging collection of ancient and Baroque art and sculpture.  The villa, gardens and most of the original pieces that he collected are still in their original places after nearly 400 years and this gallery is a rare opportunity to view art in it’s original setting. Cardinal Borghese was a patron of both Bernini and Caravaggio and commissioned specific pieces from both of them which came to hang on the walls of his personal gallery.  Unlike the Vatican, the Borghese Gallery only allow a small number of visitors to enter at selected times, so this place never becomes overly crowded and the whole gallery is spread over just 20 rooms and 2 floors, a much more intimate, relaxed and peaceful experience. If you love Bernini and Caravaggio then this is THE gallery that you must visit in Rome. You can see some of Bernini’s most evocative and lifelike sculptures: the determination on the face of David, the drama of the Rape of Prosephone, and the transformation of Daphne. You can even see a piece that he completed as a young teenager and see why his father knew that he would be one of the greatest artists of his Age.  If your passion is Caravaggio, then there is no where else in the world where you can see such a great concentration of his art in one place. Caravaggio was the quintessential bad boy of the Baroque, who’s art has both captivated and repelled generations of critics.  You can see his Madonna of the Palafrenieri, a piece that was destined for an altar in the St Peter’s but was rejected as scandalous. The collection also houses two paintings with a self-portrait of the doomed artist: his Sickly Bacchus and his David and Goliath, the piece that was to earn him a papal pardon after he committed murder.  These are not the only treasures that await you in the Borghese though, as the collection also houses masterpieces by the likes of Titian, Raphael, Canova and Peter Paul Rubens. Every piece in this collection has a story to tell, whether it be love, murder, intrigue or faith and our expert guides know the art and artists intimately. Let them entertain you and take you back to the 17th century as you join Cardinal Borghese in his intoxicating world of exquisite art. Duaration 2.5hours Cost is €225 for 2 people (includes tickets).Extra places on the tour can be purchased at €20 for children and €30 for adults

Rome Private: Ostia Antica

Ostia, literally meaning ‘mouth’, was in antiquity situated on the river Tiber and was the port-town of the city of Rome. It was a vibrant bustling town that was the economic life blood of Rome, as all commodities destined for the city made their way first through Ostia, and then to Rome via the Tiber. Thought by historians to be Rome’s first colony founded in the 4th century BC, it was a originally a small castrum settlement of 300 people, however by its height in the 2nd century AD, the population swelled to 50,000, and the town boasted a complex infrastructure of warehouses, bakeries, markets, shops, restaurants, taverns and fulleries, as well as elaborate public spaces and facilities, including a forum, theatre, temples, and beautiful bathing complexes. Remarkably well- preserved due to silting up from the river Tiber, Ostia is today a hidden archaeological jewel lying just 25 minutes outside of Rome by train. A little known site by comparison to Pompeii, Ostia does not suffer the hordes of tourists that Pompeii experiences and as such gives the visitor a more relaxed opportunity to wander and explore the ruins of this town. Allow the Rogue Historians to bring this flourishing trade and business centre to life as we explore the winding streets and retrace the steps of the merchants, sailors and traders from all over the empire who used to pass through this port daily. A unique tour – a visit to Ostia really will give you an insight into the everyday life of an ancient Roman town. Duration:4.5hours Cost is €380 for 2people (including entry fees and public transport). Additional seats can be purchased for adults at €20per adult and €15 for children.