Lisbon Private: Historic Shops and Crafts of Lisbon

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In recent years tourism has boomed in Lisbon. This has put increasing pressure on local businesses to keep up with the rapidly inflating real estate market. A decade ago there were 300 historic shops in Lisbon, today that number is just 180. With more and more shops selling black rooster figurines and fake Cristiano Ronaldo jerseys, Lisbon’s priority has turned to one of its most valuable assets, its historic stores.


Many of these century-old stores have been kept in the same families for generations, with beautiful Rococo shopfronts and charmingly time warped interiors. The master craftsmen and tradespeople who watch over these unique old-world shops have been perfecting their crafts for decades, and work to protect these special stores by conserving and protecting them and their products. These shops and their guardians are part of what makes Lisbon such a unique city and their historical and cultural value cannot be overestimated. 


From grocers to bakers, to candlestick makers we explore all that makes Lisbon special. Exploring stores that have been practicing their crafts for hundreds of years, the history behind them and the products and services they provide.


Not only that but as official partners of the ‘museu do filigrana’ we have direct access to one of Lisbon’s newest attractions. Opened in April 2018 The Filagree museum in Lisbon is the only museum in Portugal dedicated to Filagree. Located in the old Lisbon headquarters of one of Portugal’s most famous jewelers, we will see some of the finest examples of filigree in existence, we will learn how it is painstakingly made, its millennial old history and much much more. 


Price is €120 for a group of 1-4 people and an additional €15 per person extra


We stop at numerous great cafes, and pastry shops were you can try some of Lisbon's best delicacies, any bought are at the customer's expense.


We take no commission on products bought in any of the stores, we take clients to each store based on its historic importance rather than financial gain. 


  • Confeitaria Nacional
  • Ginjinha Sem Reval
  • Luvaria Ulisses
  • Caza das Vellas Loreto
  • Baixa
  • Chiado
  • Museu da Filigrana 

And much, much more.


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