Rome: Cooking Classes

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Remember that little backstreet trattoria with the amazing carbonara? Remember getting home, showing your friends some pictures and trying to describe it? Doesn't cut it really does it?
Well with our Roman cooking classes that will never be a problem again. Take home the greatest souvenir ever, the knowledge of how to make some of the freshest and tastiest pasta you were ever lucky enough to try.

We start our morning at the Mercato Trionfale. Open since the 1800s and moving indoors in 2009 Trionfale is one of the oldest and most traditional markets in Rome. There not only will we purchase all the ingredients that we will use in our lesson, but we will learn about their production and history.

We then head to the rooftop apartment of a local Roman chef where we will learn how to make three kinds of pasta from the ingredients purchased at the local market. We’ll be greeted with prosecco to begin the cooking lessons in a characteristic modern Roman neighborhood.

The cooking may be fun, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. We will eat our endeavors from the rooftop terrace (weather permitting) overlooking the Vatican area of Rome, all the while sampling and learning of local and Italian wines.


  • All ingredients bought at the market
  • a glass of prosecco on arrival
  • a full history of the dishes
  • pasta making class by trained local chef
  • full lunch (eat what you cook)
  • wine, wine, wine


From EUR 65

Book Now! Inquire Booking


Market visit
Pasta cooking class



  1. meeting point
  2. Mercato Trionfal
  3. Chefs apartment