Hidden Lisbon: Alcântara

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Alcântara is our home! The Rogue Historians’ head office is here, we live here, we eat here and we definitely drink far too much here. It’s a special place. It doesn’t feel like a lot of Lisbon does today: in Alcântara you can still grab a slice of Lisbon pre-hype and tourism boom, a glimpse of the city ten to twenty years ago before the tourists arrived and fancy bistros and cafes selling avocado toast started popping up on every street corner. In this traditional working-class neighborhood, there are still butchers and bakers, we are just missing the candlestick makers.  Alcântara may not make it onto any generic top 10 things to do in Lisbon, but that’s changing so let's explore it while that little bit of the old world still exists.

Sandwiched between the downtown Baixa and the tourist-saturated Belem, Alcântara is a working-class district with functioning commercial docks, abandoned factories and a strong upturn in the last few years. 

The regeneration of this area can be pinpointed to the creation of the LX Factory and series of abandoned warehouses dating back to 1846, that morphed into a hipster paradise. With fantastic restaurants, great cafes and a bookstore constantly voted in the top 10 most beautiful bookstores in the world, this is the new centre of old Alcântara.

But it is not where we start our tour.  

Things to do in Lisbon - Off the Beaten track

We start our tour at the National Museum of Ancient Art, a fantastic gem on the edge of Alcântara. ‘The Temptation of St Anthony’ by Hieronymus Bosch is worth the entrance fee alone and should be a highlight of any visit to Lisbon. We will take a quick break in the museum gardens with staggering views of the river before heading down towards the centre of Alcantara.

After a short stroll down Rua Janelas Verdes, we’ll arrive the heart of the neighborhood, and to a hub of gastronomic delights both old and new. From artisan bakeries and micro-breweries hidden away in ancient tunnels to cervejarias where all the local taxi drivers know you can sample some of the best seafood Lisbon, you can taste as you explore and soak up the local atmosphere.

Then on to the LX Factory, a creative mini-village, full of galleries, street art, design studios, vintage shops, bars, and restaurants; it ’s one of Lisbon’s most vibrant spots and really shows how both new and old Lisbon can exist together. 

For the weary, we can end our tour but for those with a little energy left a quick walk up the hill will reveal one of Lisbon’s most spectacular hidden gems, but you will have to join our wonderful tour to find out what it is.