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Discover the darker side of Lisbon's history with The Rogue Historians' evening tour in Lisbon! Learn about the Inquisition, the dictator Salazar, Portugal's most prolific serial & more!

The Dark Heart of Lisbon - Evening History Tour

Explore Lisbon's history on this unforgettable evening tour

Join us after the sun sets for an evening walking tour in Lisbon as we explore the darker side of the city’s history through the winding streets of Alfama and downtown Lisbon.
The history of Lisbon is a tale of glory and success. As one of the wealthiest and most important capital cities of the 16th Century, the memories of its achievements are well known to many. However, behind all the triumphs, lie the darker details of this beautiful corner of Europe – for wherever there is light there is shadow. We take you on a journey through Lisbon's darker lesser-known past, from Portugal's slave-trading past and the dark days of the Inquisition, right up to the 20th Century and the dictator Salazar and his feared secret police. 
This tour is ideal when put alongside a a day tour; take a look at our range of Lisbon walking tours to find one that interests you.



Among the many horrors you will hear on this evening tour, you will learn about the following key aspects of Lisbon’s history:
The Inquisition:
The Portuguese inquisition began in 1536 and ended in 1821.  We will touch on the Jewish massacre of 1506 and the square where the autos de fé were displayed. For 285 years, people were persecuted, tortured and killed because of their religion or race and it is during those years that Lisbon has had some of the most horrific stories in Portugal's past.
The Great Earthquake: 1st of November of 1755: All Saints day and one of the deadliest days in Lisbon's history. A magnitude 8-9 earthquake struck the city, leading to candles and oil lamps falling which started fires that consumed nearly half of the city. As people ran to the shore for protection from the collapsing buildings, three tidal waves from 5 to 10 meters tall swept them from the shores. Join us as we relive one of the darkest days in Lisbon's history and the repercussions felt around the world.
Dictatorship and the Secret Police: Between 1926 and 1974, Portugal lived under a dictatorship led, mostly, by António de Oliveira Salazar. As a way of controlling the Portuguese population, the secret police was created in 1945 with the help of a former SS agent: the PIDE. The tales of interrogation and torture are well known, the locals would regularly complain of the screams coming from PIDE headquarters. In a period referred to by locals as 'The Long Night', the darkness would engulf the city and Portugal for nearly 50 years. Even during the relatively bloodless revolution of 25th April 1974, the PIDE was still responsible for the loss of at least four lives.
Much more: As for the rest... well, you will just have to join us and on this comprehensive Lisbon evening tour. Come learn about the darker side to Lisbon’s history. 


Please get in touch if you have any questions about this walking tour. If you’re looking for a more traditional tour of Alfama, then why not join our Alfama Walking Tour. Start planning your ideal trip to Lisbon and allow The Rogue Historians to welcome you to the city!

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