Rome Private: Ostia Antica

Ostia, literally meaning ‘mouth’, was in antiquity situated on the river Tiber and was the port-town of the city of Rome. It was a vibrant bustling town that was the economic life blood of Rome, as all commodities destined for the city made their way first through Ostia, and then to Rome via the Tiber.

Thought by historians to be Rome’s first colony founded in the 4th century BC, it was a originally a small castrum settlement of 300 people, however by its height in the 2nd century AD, the population swelled to 50,000, and the town boasted a complex infrastructure of warehouses, bakeries, markets, shops, restaurants, taverns and fulleries, as well as elaborate public spaces and facilities, including a forum, theatre, temples, and beautiful bathing complexes.

Remarkably well- preserved due to silting up from the river Tiber, Ostia is today a hidden archaeological jewel lying just 25 minutes outside of Rome by train. A little known site by comparison to Pompeii, Ostia does not suffer the hordes of tourists that Pompeii experiences and as such gives the visitor a more relaxed opportunity to wander and explore the ruins of this town.

Allow the Rogue Historians to bring this flourishing trade and business centre to life as we explore the winding streets and retrace the steps of the merchants, sailors and traders from all over the empire who used to pass through this port daily. A unique tour – a visit to Ostia really will give you an insight into the everyday life of an ancient Roman town.


Cost is €380 for 2people (including entry fees and public transport). Additional seats can be purchased for adults at €20per adult and €15 for children.


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